Bottoms Up!!!

Beer drinkers don’t have cocktails they say, its time we put them to shame. Here’s FMW’s list of the top three beer cocktails to surprise your guests and taste buds with…

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Bottoms Up!!!.



The colour-blocking trend began about a year ago and it literally means an outfit made up of ‘blocks’ of solid colour.

Colour blocking is HUGE right now!! Fashion houses, bloggers and celebrities have all embraced this colourful trend. Contrary to many people’s assumption, colour blocking isn’t limited to women alone as male celebrities Kanye West, Tinie Tempah, Naeto C among other have been spotted in multi-colour attires.

Here are a few useful tips on how to COLOUR BLOCK:

1. Study the color wheel. In order to do most colour blocking you need to know what is on the color wheel.

2. Start with primary colours. Red,Blue,and Yellow are the primary colours. You can pair these three colors for a cute fresh outfit.

3. You can also pair up colours across from each other on the colour wheel like purple and yellow or blue and orange pieces for a bold look.

4. If you’re new 2 colour blocking try putting together an outfit wit colors in d same color family such as pink red and purple 4 a tied together look.

5. Use neutral coloured jewelery like black,beige,gold and white. Unless you want to look flashy.

6. Lastly, you can get two colours in the same family and pair the with the colour across from them. Happy colour blocking!