Ankara All The Way


Indigenous fashion is getting high-octane. Now, you can accessories with Ankara handbags, clutches, totes and satchel. They are everywhere and are one of the best showy accessories in a woman’s wardrobe. Ankara handbags? They come in various shapes, colours and designs.


Ankara coming as clutches? Not a few fashion buffs accessories with them especially with formal and casual attire. Can you accessories with an Ankara bag? Yes.  Just be careful with the patterns and prints with you.  Most of the designs can accessories any colour and design of your outfits.


These accessories are good for red carpet event as long as you choose the appropriate dress to team with them.


For the Ankara statement neckpiece, you can wear on formal clothes and still look ravishing. Made from eye-popping coloured ethnic fabrics, you can’t but fall in love with them.


Though they come in big button-like forms, they are big, bold, and they scream ‘look at me!’ These neckpieces just came around in fashion circles and you know what? They don’t seem in a hurry to leave, what with fashionistas embracing them!


They give you the show-stopping look! Just pair any of these pieces with your dresses, tops, solid-coloured and small-printed dresses and summery tops (don’t wear with a strong pattern, since it has so much detail as it is), jeans, and you look like a million bucks!


Really, in the world of Ankara, wonder shall never cease!