The Tale of Billions ft Dangote, Psy, Coca Cola and Gala


From Gangnam style’s 1 billionth Youtube view to the 1 billionth bottle of Coca Cola that was sold about a billion milli seconds ago. From the billions of Dangote, to the billions we’ve spent on buying simple popular commodities like Gala and indomie. From the billions of people who will never make it across the poverty line to the few billionaires or those who’d go ahead to influence and even take advantage of the other confused billions in existence. From the billions of ideas that will never make it to succeed to the ones that’d make billions, what’s the difference in them?
… strategy!

Understand the basics.

Look through 6 billion people and you’d realize that everyone has something to sell and something to protect. So life is like business!

Life is like business. And this business is like a peaceful war, the enemy is the competitor and the battlefield is the market. We are all soldiers. The blunt fact is that not everyone will succeed, especially in business not everyone can make it. And in making it, some will be victors and others will be victims #bluntfacts.

 The difference between the victors and the victims is nothing but the thought patterns, our plans, strategy, our reactions to situations, processes, influences and the people and quality of the business tools we have.

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6 Entrepreneurial Lesons I Learnt from Jeff Weiner and LinkedIn

I recently watched Cory Johnson interview Jeff Weiner on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West” and it was mind-blowing for me as an entrepreneur and that’s why I’ve decided to share. You also might learn a thing or two.



The challenge we had before are similar to the ones we have now; remaining focus clearly defining the core of the and staying true. (With) Hyper-growth companies it’s easy to get distracted by the numerous opportunities ahead of you.

One of my favourite lines in business is managing hyper-growth is like putting a rocket out in the space; if you’re off by inches at launch you can be off by miles in orbit.


Making sure you have the right foundation so you can scale. Not only having the right team, which is paramount, but also the right infrastructure, the right processes and I think that has made a huge different for us.

…Making sure you’re prepared for the variability. It’s a very dynamic environment so you have to be comfortable with change. I think you have to be really focused

We talk about focus so often, we actually created an acronym:

F- Fewer things done better
C- Communicating the right information, to the right people at the right time.
S- Speed and quality of our decision making


I hold town meetings every other week. I think open communication is so important and again it comes to the notion of managing speed. The more optics we can provide to our employees, not only of what’s working but also of what’s not working, the better we can all come together to improve what needs to be improved upon or to learn from the things that are working and to continue to invest and share that across all 26 cities that we operate around the world.

…For us is taking the time and investing in our culture and values, defining what those mean. For us culture is the collective personality of our organisation and it’s not only who we are, it’s who we aspire to be.

And I think that adding that element of aspiration gives you the permission to dream a bit about the kind of organisation you wanna build

Values are the operating principle we use to make day to day decisions which is a subset of that culture. And once you understand those elements of your organisation you’ve gotta hire against it, you’ve gotta ‘unboard’ against it, you gotta do learning development against it, you gotta evaluate performance against it and it’s all about leadership manifesting it day-in day-out. It’s not enough to put it on the wall, you’ve gotta leave by it.

They key word about this company is transformation; cultural transformation and We think about that in 3 ways:
– We think about transforming the trajectory of our employees’ careers
– We think about transforming our company and realising the full potentials of our platform
– And we think about transforming the world and realising our vision to create economic opportunity for every professional in the world. Where we’re defining professional as the 3.3billion people in the world of course

Jeff Weiner is the current CEO of LinkedIn and former Vice President of Yahoo’s network division. LinkedIn is a a business-related social networking website with over 25 million users around the world.

By  Adejuwon Isola-Osobu, CEO

Technopreneur: Adejuwon Isola-Osobu