DID YOU KNOW? – (Interesting facts about MUSIC)

Interesting facts about music

Power of Music

Music has the power to move & stir emotions. If you ever wiped tears from your eyes whilst listening to a sad song, you’ve experienced first-hand the effect of notes & chords .
Music is so powerful, that it can:

1. Boost your mood
2. Help you focus
3. Improve Energy Efficiency & Work Output
4. Be an effective treatment for people dealing with Mental Health conditions
5. Help you De-Stress
6. Can have significant positive impact on patients with long-term illnesses such as heart disease, cancer & respiratory conditions. Numerous trials have shown that music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and also help relieve pain, anxiety & improve patient quality of life.


Well, that depends on personal preference BUT GENERALLY, fast-paced music is suited for exercise/quick output work situations whilst slow music is perfect for relaxing or calm work conditions.

So SING, SHOUT & CLAP  your hands to a better life!

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At Harvard, a young boy by the name of Mark was suspended. They said he violated the rules in starting an idea. Deeply passionate about his idea, he left “their Harvard” to follow that idea. That idea became a multi billion dollar intangible product and brand, its called Facebook!

Mark Zuckerrberg – Facebook CEO

Today, the same school that suspended Mark  for facebook (Harvard) now pays him to have and promote “a facebook page”!

The Lessons:
Don’t let anyone shrink your big dreams into the small frames of reality.

Opinions Vs Facts.
Opinions suggests that you can’t, the fact is that you can!

Everyone has a right to an opinion. And opinions are relative. In the words of the American conscious rapper, Talib Kweli, ” You can have your own opinions but not your own facts”.

Understand the difference opinions, noise, voice and facts for out them, you create strategy!

When it comes to thoughts and life, don’t let the outer noise (opinions) drown the inner voice (facts). Listen to the noise, but pay attention to the voice.

When it comes to business, follow the words of Socrates,  “know thyself” and then others. Its a subset of Competitive Complexity.

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Words that come alive – Brand power

Very sexy, even females think so, “The more you play with it, the harder it gets.”..wow!

the viral joystick advert

the viral joystick advert

No, it’s not what you think. “The more you play with it, the harder it gets.”  This was the business slogan and brand tag line for the 90’s gaming console company, Sega Genesis.  #Branding

Sega sold out millions of games plus “Mortal Combat” and “Sonic the Hedgehog” and had a large market share index with their consoles in the 90s from that line. And if you played any of those TV games you’d know the truth in their slogan.

“The more you play with it, the harder it gets.”

What a slogan!

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Passion… Keeps you going in the face of adversity

Passion is, one of, if not the key ingredient of success. When you look at the story of many hugely successful men and women, you would see that the burning desire they had within them was the major vehicle that eventually drove them to achieve their dreams. Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Henry Ford, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Miuccia Prada etc all have two things in common – Success and Passion.

Here are few reasons why passion is important:

PERSISTENCE: Most successful people don’t get it right the first, second or even the third time. They usually fail, sometimes woefully, which is usually essential to their eventual breakthrough because this mostly serves as a learning curve for them. It could be quite frustrating when you’ve put your all your effort into something and it fails, how do you derive the inspiration to carry on? The answer is passion. It serves as a fuel that keeps you going even in the face of uncertainty or impending failure – Abraham Lincoln a case in point.

INFECTIOUS: Passion is usually infectious. It has the power to connect you with like-minded individuals who share your vision and can be very important to helping you acheive success in your field of endeavour. Your passion will connect with co-travellers and investors who will put in their time, effort and money to ensure your success as was the case with Bastian and Jason Njoku, the Iroko Partners (Nigeria’s foremost online movie channel)

Passion helps you find answers

ANSWERS: When you’re totally consumed by the desire to succeed at a goal or task, you are bound to ask questions. Asking the right questions are a key to finding the right answers.

BELIEF: It keeps you believing. Even when historical facts and odds are greatly stacked against you, passion will keeps you going. Black Americans have come through slavery, discrimination and lots more to become the leading men in America today. With Obama’s passion, the blacks in America capped off a wonderful journey that started with Martin Luther King Jnr.

In business, you need a scalable business model that you can then put to test with little time, energy and money. In the academics, you need to study hard and pass exams. In the military, you need to come tops in exercises and serve with distinction. Adding passion to all other derivatives will give you a bit of an edge. It will give you that bit of inspiration that wil drive you towards your goal.

While being passionate doesn’t guarantee success, it is a really important fuel that helps you trudge on the rigorous road to success.

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