DID YOU KNOW? – (Interesting facts about MUSIC)

Interesting facts about music

Power of Music

Music has the power to move & stir emotions. If you ever wiped tears from your eyes whilst listening to a sad song, you’ve experienced first-hand the effect of notes & chords .
Music is so powerful, that it can:

1. Boost your mood
2. Help you focus
3. Improve Energy Efficiency & Work Output
4. Be an effective treatment for people dealing with Mental Health conditions
5. Help you De-Stress
6. Can have significant positive impact on patients with long-term illnesses such as heart disease, cancer & respiratory conditions. Numerous trials have shown that music can help lower heart rate, blood pressure and also help relieve pain, anxiety & improve patient quality of life.


Well, that depends on personal preference BUT GENERALLY, fast-paced music is suited for exercise/quick output work situations whilst slow music is perfect for relaxing or calm work conditions.

So SING, SHOUT & CLAP  your hands to a better life!

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